8 February 2013

I Shop A Lot !

Assalamualaikum .. ^.^

Hi guys ! I do love shopping .. Especially online .. Guess what ? I've spend about 1.2K this week ! OMG ! Such a big spender am I .. Fuh !

Btw , I do love all my shopping item .. What did I buy ? This is the list which I want to review it later because the seller is sooooo nice .. I have a great deal with them .. Ok , this is the list ..

1. Perfume
2. Shawl
3. Pure Marine Collagen
4. Alpha Lipid SDII
5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 casing
6. Tudung Akel bidang 50 

I 'm just to happy to share this news to all of you .. After this I will review it one by one ok .. See you in the next entry .. :)

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca bingkisan hati Niena .. Suka ? Donate la .. =)


Wanie Raina said...

untung la g shoppink! hahaha bru dpt gaji ke? huhuhu

feel free to visit me eh? kalaw buleyh like page skaly hehehe

Dunia Wilma said...

Review jangan tak review tau ^_^

syaqirin said...

nti singgah blog saye ye,ley bershopping ;-)

Iyraa Cariyno said...

jom join segmen nie.Hadiah gempak2..

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