15 April 2014

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Assalamualaikum .. ^_^

It has been a long time since I'm updating this blog. 1-2 years maybe? Loooong time woo .. Then I'm back with English mode? Oppps, sorry .. I know that my English isnt that great but I'm trying .. Practice make perfect right? Maybe it will be 'rojak' since I will mix it with BM .. There is story behind this English writing ..

Just now I went out to have my breakfast with my friends. I just have my 'Roti Sardin', typical Malaysian breakfast with 'Roti Canai' and 'Teh Tarik' .. It was heaven! Then I bump out to Domino's because it is near the 'Roti Canai' restaurant .. One of my friend tried to push and pull Domino's door but she cant open it .. I was like "Tak bukak lagi ke?" because I saw little children in the Domino's ..

Suddenly one of the worker open the door using key and she said that Domino's open at 10.30am and I was there at 10.15am! Ok sorry because I didnt see the sign .. ==' The opening hour is so small .. How could I see it? (I'm creating excuse?? :p) .. She said I can make order but I have to wait until 10.30am and she allowed us to seat in the restaurant ..

While waiting I'm watching those little kids .. Ha, they were allowed to be in there early because these kids had their 'jamuan' (party) .. I was impressed because the kids speak in English! Their age is in range 5-6 years old .. Me myself didnt know how to speak English when I was a kid. I came from kampung and Malay is my everyday use language, my native language. 

Soon I'm becoming an English teacher. My English also need to be polished. I know it is hard because my environment. I didnt make excuses because this is the truth. I came from kampung and suddenly I got TESL for my tertiary education. English is not an important thing for me. I'm try my best here to be an english teacher even though it is gonna be hard.

I want to be a great English teacher and I'm worried of myself. I'm afraid that people will judge my language, my credibility and I'm still working on it. I know it is gonna be tough out there. People are expecting much from the teacher. High expectation sometimes burdening me. I dont want my students get the wrong information because of me.

I'm trying .. Those kids in the restaurant really an eye opener for me. I have to struggle and strive to be an excellent English teacher. I dont want to ruin their future .. May Allah ease my journey .. May Allah bless on all stuff that I do .. See in in the next post .. Err, maybe 2 years later? Ahakkks .. :p

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