27 June 2012

How to Attract Readers to Visit Your Blog ?

Assalamualaikum .. ^_^

This night , I would like to write in English ? Why ? Because English is a universal language and everyone must know it although not much .. Plus , it is a practice for me to keep writing in English and improve my writing skill .. End of this October or November, I will sit for my examination which is to qualify me for the B.Ed TESL .. 

About this evening , it was fine .. Alhamdullillah .. Nothing weird occurred .. I still can bear the pain .. Erm , from my post tittle this night ,  what do you think I will write about ? You guess yourself .. I want to share how you can make your posts read by other people .. And it also increase your follower and blog's traffic .. 

One of it is , in Facebook there are many groups that promote you to ping your entry there .. If you are a new blogger , you must try it .. I know some of us were find it difficult to find people which are interested in your blog .. I will list groups that you can join in Facebook ..

1. Blogger Hebat (I'm one of the admin)
9. Kelab Blogger (Owner : Ben Ashaari)

You can join all of this group .. It is interesting because you will know other bloggers .. But the main point is , DO NOT SPAM in the group .. What is spam ? You can Google it or find it in Fizgraphic or Wan Hazel blog .. 

I hope all of you can find more reader with this tips .. That is all that I can share now .. I will write more later .. Thank you .. =)

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aReLaN said...

ntahla.nak gak join group tapi takut tak mampu bagi komitmen.takkan nak orang jenguk blog kita tapi kita tak jenguk diorang balik kan.hmmmm

yana yani said...

@aReLaNbetul entry sekadar i follow you follow me back..hmmm..macam entry tuh tak berguna..yg duk kejar follower jer

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