29 June 2012

Computer Game Addiction among Teengers

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Computer Game Addiction among Teenagers

Many addictions nowadays detected by American Medical Association such as drug addiction, glue addictions and cigarette addition. These addictions are most found among teenagers especially students in the world. But the most new addiction is the computer games addiction. As you can see, many developers game build new games every day. Many devices can be used to play games such as computer, Play Station II (PS2), and Xbox 360. These devices can be afford by teenagers because its price is valuable and it is easy to get.

            Before I discuss this topic deeper, I would like to define the meaning of computer game addiction. Computer game addiction is extreme use of video games that interferes with daily life. People who are addicted to games tend to play game more than their routine’s activities as a student. These symptom can easily be detect by people around teenagers especially parents and friends. These kinds of students tend to spend their most non-school hours on the computer or playing video games. When they are devoted themselves to play games they are refuse to hangout or socialise themselves with their family or friends. Thus, it will lead to inactive society or communication among others. Other symptom is students always fall asleep in the class. They are spending their night to play games until they did not get enough time to sleep and rest. This will cause discipline problems and their study. They may get punished by teachers and their grades are worst.

            Students who are like to play video games should choose the game wisely. As example one of the most popular video games being sold is titled "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare." In this game, players can take on the role of either a U.S. or British soldier who is sent to military "hot spots" to defeat the world's most dangerous enemies. Like other games in its genre, the images are near lifelike and the violence is graphic. Many are quick to point out that most school shootings in recent years have been carried out by avid gamers, and their games of choice were always dark and violent. Students are easily to imitate these actions and tried it. This is one of the short-term effects towards students. It make the student becomes aggressive and violent. This game not only bring addiction but it rise up the crime cases in the school and nation.
The lack of social interaction that results from obsessive gaming can have long-term social consequences. This is because gamers always play video games and does not want to spend their times with family and friends. They always find many excuses to refuse from hang-out with them. Social consequences are a very real part of gaming addiction. Addicted gamers spend so much time playing that their personal relationships get neglected and sometimes disappear altogether. Among addicted gamers who are married, up to 50 percent report a strain in their marriage as a result of their addiction. If these situations continue, we will not get a health and effective communication among family institution and family. Our young generation will sink in their world and do not concern their surroundings. In the end, we will lost a high quality of teenagers who have a good social interaction.

Many ways can be used to encounter this problem. Parents are the close person in students’ life. Parents play an important role in the terms of building students identity. Good parents who are provide students what their need and not what their want. In this case, parents should be smart and should not grant students wish as they want to buy any game devices. If they want it badly, parents should monitor their children and limit their time to play games as they can balanced between the real and virtual life. Other than that, friends are the best observer and listener. Teenagers tend to listen to their friends rather than their parents. Good friends will notice any changes in their friends life especially when their friend tend to isolate themselves and refuse to hang-out with others as usual. Friends can give advice to those who are start to be an addicted gamer and try to persuade gamers to hang-out with them more often and do many beneficiary activities together. This will divert their addiction and have a healthy life.
Prevent is better than cure. Many parties can involve and try to reduce these addiction problems among teenagers. If we are not taking any action, our nation will not have a healthy teenagers and their will not have any goal in their life. Computer games addiction is not good for all and as a community we must be concerned each other and try to solve this problem together. So, together we stand to live a healthy and balanced life.

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