20 October 2012

Etude House Haul

Assalamualaikum .. ^_^

Hi everyone ! I'm here to show my hauling item in the early October .. Ya , I know I'm late to update but never mind I still want to show you what I had buy .. Actually I'm a little addicted to Korean skincare products now .. It is because of the drama " To The Beautiful You" which Sulli Fx and Minho SHInee was starring at .. Forget my broken English .. English is my second language .. I feel honour if you could correct me especially my tenses and grammar .. 

Okey , back to our main topic .. Since I know Etude House was sponsored the drama , I surfed the net and searched for the nearest Etude House store since I knew nothing about Korean products .. Guess what , the store is just near my college , Goodness Gracious ! I had never seen the store before and I'm excited to get those cosmetics things .. AND I'm not surf for the Etude House but also Skinfood and Tony Moly and I was amazed that all the THREE shops are in one roof ! It is in the same shopping complex where Tony Moly is in front of the Etude House .. Skinfood store is in renovating process at the upper floor .. 

Once again I said that I'm a "noob" in Korean cosmetics (others also, ==') .. But I love cosmetic , like seriously ! Of course , I'm a girl right but I don't like excessive or over make up on my face .. I love to keep it simple and natural .. Since I got oily skin , I need to choose the products carefully and read the ingredients .. Unfortunately , majority of the Korean products are written in Korean .. ==' 

Okey , I went to Etude House and I purchased 4 items there .. Guess what , if I spend RM 50 and above I'll get a free gift .. And I got that which is Aloha Mascara Remover .. Small tiny cute little bottle .. This is the picture of all my things .. 

I have used the hand cream .. Hihi .. Sorry for the late update .. =='

Okey , this is the individually product that I get from Etude House ..
1. Yogurt Wash Off Pack 

2. Hand Bouquet Rich Collagen Hand Cream

3. Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

4. Pomegranate Facial Mask

This is the free gift that I got which is Aloha Mascara Remover .. Silly me that I've not snap the bottle's picture .. This is the first time I'm writing for beauty product , so forgive me .. =)

I will write the review later because I only have using the hand cream and the black head removal dual sheet .. Also , I'll update the price in Malaysia since I left the receipt at my college .. See you soon in my review later .. =) 

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca bingkisan hati Niena .. Suka ? Donate la .. =)

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