20 October 2012

Sasa Haul

Assalamualaikum .. ^_^

Today I'll show you what I get from Sasa .. I've never visit this shop before .. When I bought goods from Etude House I'm also visit another store .. Sasa is holding a sale now until 28 October 2012 which is only in Malaysia .. I only bought 4 pieces of masks which is RM 10 and it is worth to buy .. I love mask ! =)

Here the 4 types of my masks..

Pink : Pearl Facial Mask
Green : Detoxifying Oil Control Face Mask
Brown : Pomegranate and Collagen Lifting Silky Mask
Blue : Snail Rejuvenating Face Mask

I pick this mask randomly and didn't going through the function .. Somehow I like the packaging .. The only mask that I pick by going through its function is the green one .. The others i just pick it because its packaging .. It is so cute especially the pink one ..

Wait for my review for this mask ya .. See you .. =)

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca bingkisan hati Niena .. Suka ? Donate la .. =)

1 comment:

yana yani said...

yana pon suka pakai mask..sejukk jer rasa.hehe

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