10 November 2012

Contest: Saya Sayang Kamoo Sahabat ^_^

Assalamualaikum .. ^.^

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This is my pictures with my friend, Farah .. I two pictures because there are no limit written by the author .. 

This is my story .. I've known her since 2006 which we were in Form 1 .. Her name is Nur Farah Natasha and me myself , Nur Farhanah .. We came from different FELDA but we met in one school .. These photos was taken on 2011 .. We were outing that time. .With the help of my photographer friend , we able to photoshoot out sweet time together .. Our theme was "Traditional Melayu" .. That was why we were wearing Kebaya (me) and baju kurung (her) ..  She is very kind-hearted person .. Always be my side when I'm happy or sad .. She is my BFF .. How bad am I , she can adapt my attitude .. I've never sick of her .. We are sweet together until now .. Eventhough we are far apart , we still contacting each other and no words can say how much I lover her .. May Allah bless our friendship till Jannah .. Amin .. =)

I want to tag:
1. Ema
2. Yana

Closing date : 15 November 2012

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~didiey~ said...

thanx sudi join :)
good luck!
jap lg update senarai peserta...boleh lah terjah peserta laen kalau nk =)

Aida Omar said...

comelnya gambar no 1 tu.. :) candid..

Aida pun join contest yang sama :

ツainjalutツ said...

heyhey ! bestnya cerita dia, saya pun join contest yang sama :) sambil2 baca sambil2 follow . jemput singgah baca entry saya pula :D

gud luck !

Cik Amal said...

saya dah follow sini
moga kekal persahabatan kalian.. aamiin :)
saya pun join, tapi member2 saya gila gila, tak larat dibuatnya :)

~didiey~ said...

awak pemenang contest nie :)

jom tgk n bagi detail ye =)

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