14 November 2012

Cosmetic Love Haul #1

Assalamualaikum .. ^.^

Right now , I'm really in love with Korean skincare products .. I've tried Etude House , Innisfree and Tony Moly for many types of cosmetics .. My first order from Korea is from Cosmetic Love blogshop .. 

This is how the home page look like .. It will change every time they got event or promotion .. For the first time , I bought Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Pink , The Face Shop Face It Skinny Fit Gloss (sample) and Tony Moly Lip Tint Pink (miniature) .. I love the packaging .. It is so neatly pack in small rectangle box .. 

They pack it carefully by wrap it using bubble wrap so my things won't damage or broken during the delivery .. This is the picture of my cosmetics ..

1. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Pink

2. The Face Shop Face It Skinny Fit Gloss (sample)

3. Tony Moly Lip Tint Pink (miniature)

They also provide me with FREE SAMPLE ..

I will not review it now because I'm only use Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Pink .. I'll review it later .. So , I just want to share my cosmetics bought in Cosmetic Love .. Thank you .. =)

Come and shop here : 
Cosmetic Love

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca bingkisan hati Niena .. Suka ? Donate la .. =)

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Nurfaezah Abdullah said...

Innisfree and Tony Moly tu under one same cosmetic production or different producer? :D

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