29 November 2012

Review : Tony Moly Lip Tint

Assalamualaikum .. ^.^

I'm gonna review lip tint from Tony Moly .. This lip stain is making a girl so crazy about it .. It is a MUST HAVE item ! Had you tried this ? If no , better find one .. It is super cool for your lip .. This lip tint is very different from Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint .. What is the different ? Check these out .. ;)

As I said before , this product is basically a liquid .. The texture is not moist , it just like water with amazing pink/red colour on it .. It can dry your lips .. So , better to apply lip balm first before applying this lip tint .. Don't afraid with the 'bloody' colour of this lip tint .. It is just nice when you apply it to your lips .. 

The colour is more like red than pink right ? But when it is on your lips,  it will be pink .. The pink colour is just nice on me .. Tony Moly already stopped producing mini tint for Red Apple colour .. I'm only have the Cherry Pink .. But it didn't look like pink though .. The colour is longlasting .. The colour will remain still if it stain on your clothes .. The smell is not too good as Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint ..

Without flash

With flash

The packaging is simple .. The bottle is too tiny .. The applicator is small .. It can handle it well but its a bit uncomfortable because of it's size .. It also easy to leak .. You can easily put it in your handbag because the bottle is so cute ..

What I Love
- The colour
- The tiny bottle design

What I hate
- Its leaking
- Hardly wash the stain in clothes

Rating : 7/10

Wanna get this ? Go to this shop !

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shu said...

sy guna nature republic pnya..rsany nk dkt stgh thun guna, bru luak sikit..mmg brbaloi..

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