29 November 2012

Review : Etude House Fresh Cherry Pink

Assalamualaikum .. ^.^

I'm reviewing my cosmetics products after a long time bought it online .. I love to shop online because the price is CHESPEST more than I buy it from the brand outlet store .. Of course it will include the government tax and the store's site rent .. 

Also , I will got MANY free sample from the seller .. How kind you are .. =) This is practice in Korea where you will get free sample when you buy cosmetics products .. Its a good step to introduce people with your other products .. Its encourage people to buy the products and no need to buy the 'big bottle' version of it as a trial ..

Etude House Fresh Cherry Pink , PK001Cherry Pink I bought from Cosmetics Love .. You can find her in Ebay also .. (I prefer you to find her in Ebay because the price is cheaper than in the website .. ) This is where my review start ..

Its so cute !

This products is liquid type .. It is easy to apply .. The scent is good but when I recall the smell , I remember it is same as Kodomo Lion toothpaste (toothpaste for children) ==' 

The scent is good and sweet .. I remembered my childhood time .. Hihi .. The colour gives you a natural PINK look .. It doesn't look too pink or pale but its nice .. Its not shiny on your lips .. It has smooth texture ..  But , if you have a dry lips , please apply lip balm first .. You don't have to apply lipgloss after applying this tint .. It is very looks good on lips .. Its last long on my lips .. 

This is how the pink colour look on my skin .. It is just nice .. The colour will not be the same as you apply to your lip because it will give a natural shade .. After applying this tint the colour looks like 'sitting' on your lips but after a while , it will asborb to your lips and give pink colour .. So , you don't need to apply many times ..  FYI , this is my favourite product .. *Winkwink


The bottle and the applicator

Of course I can't read the detail because its in Korean , only a part of this little box in English .. The packaging is cute .. I just love it and it is a bit unique , it is like a nail paint .. Although it seems a bit "fat" its still all right to be in your bag .. It has light packaging to be take everywhere .. Its a must !

What I love
- The pink colour blend well 
- The texture is moist and smooth
- The applicator is easy to use
- The unique bottle of its 
- The scent is sweet
- Longlasting
- Lightweight

What I hate
- It makes my lip dry (need to apply lipbalm)
- Few English description
- The 'fat' design of the lip tint (its ok)

My Final Opinion
I really recommend this products to you guys .. Its nice on your lips .. It give a natural colour .. No need to apply it for many times .. Just 1-2 times to make you satisfied with the colour .. Anyone can use it .. It comes with three colour .. So  ,GOOGLE it .. 

Rating : 8/10

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